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🔥Warriors on Fire @ FLYRA

Our Warriors headed to beautiful Bradenton, FL to compete in the 2024 FLYRA Middle School Track & Field Championship this past weekend. The team came well-prepared and took on some of the best track & field talent from across the state.

Showing no fear, and plenty of determination, our runners and throwers stepped it up and grabbed some medals and plenty of personal bests.

The complete results of the championship weekend are here and also here for the complete M.S. team results.

Coach Crate going over strategy and mental preparation.


Podium Placements

Congratulations to these athletes who put it all together and achieved medal status. To be able to stand on the podium, an athlete has to finish in the Top 8 overall.

Congratulations to these 1500 elementary girls: They took 4 of the top 8 medal spots.

  • Ana Lucia Barba, 3rd place. new 9 second PR 5:20

  • Ariel Gorlovetzky, 4th place

  • Kat Skutnik, 7th place, new 4 second PR 5:38

  • Hayden Frey, 8th place

These girls are all 3rd & 4th grade girls, and should be back better than ever next year.

Faith Gladstone 3rd place in the 800 meters

Makaela Morilla New 2 second PR in the 800m with a time of 2:21, and medaled by placing 4th in the State.

Adriana Perrette was seeded 7th in her 3000m heat. Adriana exceeded that and placed 4th with a new 13 second PR, with a time of 11:32.

The Elementary Girls' girls 4 x 100m Relay team (Gorlovetzky, Frey, Ebrahim, Gladstone) were ranked 6th with a 1:05 seed time, and finished 6th with a time of 1:01.85.

... and many more notable performances

the pure joy of knowing you did your best!

photo credit: milesplit

The biggest competitor for each athlete is really themselves. And these runners and throwers bested their previous marks with new personal bests at States.

Way to go Warriors!

Diane Fiederer 1500m, new 5 sec. PR: 6:00

800m, new 9 second PR: 3:03

Faith Gladstone New 1 sec PR in 200m (30.28) placing 14th out of 59 sprinters.

Barbarita Jedlicka  3000m, seeded 19th she placed 9th in State with a new 29 second PR: 10:59

Erik Moss  3000m, new 2 second PR: 10:24

Mason Polonia  3000m, seeded 26th, placed 16th, new 9 second PR: 10:21

Nicholas Valderrama 450g Javelin, new PR from 30.76m to 31.06m

The MS Girls' 4x800 team came into the event ranked 16th out of 32 teams with a seed time of 10:46, they finished 10th with a 17 second PR at 10:29. (Jedlicka, Dohler, Perette, Morilla)

never give up! never give in!

Photo Gallery

thanks to all the parents and fans who captured these special athletic moments!

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