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🚀2024 Blast Off @ Bethany!

The Boca Warriors' Track & Field Team opened their 2024 campaign in spectacular fashion at the Bethany Christian Elementary Conference Series. This is a 4 week track & field series that culminates in the Championship Meet this February 10th.

The Warriors' Elementary Age Squad competed over the past 3 weeks -- and all these kids were fantastic - each battling with grit and determination !

Each Warrior saw tremendous growth over the past three weeks -- as individual runners, throwers, jumpers - and teammates!

Most of the kids improved week to week in their individual events - and our team placements remained strong throughout the first 3 weeks of the series - all great signs as we head towards the Championship Weekend.

Week #1 Highlights

offseason is over ... time to have some serious fun!

Week One was the first event of the year, and for most Warriors, this was their first competitive event ever. Week #1 saw the Girls place 1st overall for all age groups, despite having only 8 girls on the event roster.

Notable Team Placements

Notable Individual Performances

see the full results of Week #1 here including team placements:

and here ...

Week #2 Highlights

getting better, getter faster, getting stronger

Week #2 saw the Warriors continue on their path to be the best they can be. One of the big stories of this weekend is that with the tiniest of teams [5 girls & not all doing 3 events] our 2nd & 3rd grade girls placed 1st out of 10 teams beating the 2nd placed team by 21 points.

Notable Team Placements

Notable Individual Performances

see the full results of Week #2 here, including team placements:

Week #3 Highlights

all the practices and sacrifices are really paying off now

Week 3 saw our team really come together and we again saw strong team and individual performances. All in all, Week 3 saw many of our athletes improve again on their times and placements, showing that all their hard work and dedication is paying off as we gear up for this weekend's Championship Event.

There were many results in Week 3's meet that were exceptional. The 2nd-3rd girls team was first out of 12 teams while the 4th-5th girls placed 3rd out of 10 teams.

For the first time ever Boca Warriors competed in the 4x100m relay. Both the 2nd-3rd & 4th-5th girls won handily after spending a week diligently practicing the blind exchange. The 2nd-3rd grade girls beat all of the boys teams as well.

Some other standout performances include:

  • 5th grader Faith Gladstone who anchored her relay team and probably set a new Bethany series record in the 800 at 2:41.89. Faith also placed 1st in the 200.

  • Relay team member, 4th grader Ana Lucia showed up sick & ran anyway winning the 1500 & placed 2nd to Faith in the 800.

  • 3rd grade relay member Norah Kraev took 1st the 400 & was 4th in the 200.

  • 3rd grade relay anchor Arielle Gorloverzky placed 2nd in the 200 & 2nd in the long jump.

  • 3rd grade relay member Katerina Skutnik won the 800 & was 4th in the long jump.

  • 3rd grade relay member Mila Valderrama won the 1500 & placed 2nd to Kat in the 800.

  • 4th grade relay member Hayden Frey tied for 2nd in the long jump.

  • 4th grader Diane Fiederer was 4th in the 1500.

  • 5th grader Olivia Aaronson contributed to 10 points by qualifying for the 4x100 team.

  • 5th grader Mark Barba won the 1500, while Oliver Valderrama, Martin Siggul & Brayden Milek placed 3rd, 4th & 5th in that event.

  • Martin was 4th in the discus.

see the full results of Week #3 here, including team placements:

and here ...

.... now onto the championship round!

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