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hard work pays off


About Our Team

The Boca Warriors Track Club is a non profit, competitive track and field and cross country club team, with both AAU & USATF club membership status.  Our goal is to develop in young athletes attributes and skills such as a great work ethic, daily pursuit of excellence, goal setting, fitness and strength, healthy lifestyle, perseverance and determination to better oneself.

We also emphasize sportsmanship, fostering respect and kindness towards each other as well as teamwork.

Along the way, we develop athletes to their full genetic potential helping them to achieve things they never thought possible while finding areas within the sport that they can succeed in at high level. This results in a positive self image and more potential for growth both inside and out of sports.

We treat and train each athlete as an individual, catering to the needs and abilities of each one.  We are athlete centered.  In that, our concern is first and foremost their psychological and physical well being over and above winning.  We do like to win however and strive to bring out the best in each athlete, taking a long term approach to developing the whole body and mind.

We teach good sportsmanship and treating others with care, kindness, and respect.

Our parent team is just that. A team, looking out for one another's kids and helping with the process of developing a great program.

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