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"Coach Crate is a passionate, extremely knowledgeable and engaging cross country / track coach. He brings more than just experience - he gives runners a vision for success and a road map on how to get there! He has helped my son tremendously and we appreciate it more than words can say!"

Faye Morgan,

Calvary Christian Academy


"Coach Crate was my high school cross country and track & field coach. I was under his training for 4 years and he helped me achieve all of my running career goals. As a result of his training, I was able to become the 2015 Cross Country 1A State Champion and the 2016 Outdoor 3200m 1A State Runner-up. He prepared me to go on and compete on a scholarship for a nationally-ranked collegiate cross country and track & field team."


- Tucker Hindle,  BRCS

Coach's note:  Tucker was the 2015 Sun Sentinel & Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach County Cross Country Runner of the year.  He was also voted Florida cross country runner of the year.  Tucker received a full academic & athletic scholarship to Lee University. Despite there being 7 high schools with cross country teams in Boca Raton, with a combined existence of 290 years, Tucker is the only boy to have ever been crowned State Champion from Boca.

Although Coach Crate was only my coach for one track season (my senior year), he left a huge impression on me. You will never meet a coach that is more invested in your success than Alan. His attention to detail, his passion and his belief in the ability of every one of his athletes is like nothing I have seen before. His training is tough but it makes you tougher. If you want to be an incredible athlete, Coach Crate can take you there.


Natasha Strump

Westminster Christian School / Baylor University

Coach's note:  Despite being seriously injured for 2/3 of her senior track season, Natasha was the regional champion in the 800, setting the Westminster Christian's school record in the process. She was also the anchor for her regional championship 800 meter relay team.  Natasha placed 5th in the State 1A in the 1600 and was recruited by and now runs for Baylor University.


"I had an awesome experience with Coach Crate. My kids had high cholesterol and they didn't do any sports. When I got to know Coach Crate he encouraged us to practice track every day and not only that he also helps us to eat healthy food. He is a great man and he has a big heart. He is also an excellent coach and to me the most important he is a man of God. My family appreciates him. My family is really happy to be part of the club. God bless him."

Rosangela R., Boca Warrior Parent

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Charles Otto


"Coach Crate was my high school cross country and track coach freshman through senior year. He took the little bit of natural talent I had and turned it into a running machine. Thanks to his focused intensity, I became a three-time regional champion in the 1600m, 3200m, and 5K races and competed in 5 high school state championships in three separate events. Though I did not continue running competitively in college, the lessons I learned from running under his leadership continue to bless me every day. Be it the patient diagnostic science of cause and effect in daily life (how life choices impact running performance) or the steely determination to push through all obstacles to achieve victory, I'm blessed to have been one of his runners. If you want the best coach in south Florida, he's your man."

Melissa Gomez

Boca High

"I was under the wonderful coaching of Coach Crate from 5th grade to 8th grade. Coach Crate brought me from an regular everyday middle schooler to a middle schooler rank top in state against high schoolers. I never thought I would accomplish so much while being in middle school, but under his coaching I was able to be a 3x individual state qualifier, 1600m and 3200m district champion, and 3200m regional champion. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to be coach by him. Everything I learned from Coach Crate will live with me for the rest of my running career and life. Not only did Coach Crate teach me how to properly run, but he also taught me the importance in believing in yourself and hardwork. Although I didn't appreciate the long practices and long runs then, now I wouldn't trade them for anything. I am blessed to have had Coach Crate's help in finding my passion and love for running."

Ken Key

Westminster Academy

"Alan joined our cross country staff at Westminster Academy as an assistant coach in 2016. His emphasis on running every day, and the attention to detail of our training calendar, along with his reminders about sleep and diet, had a considerable impact on our teams, and helped propel our boys to the 1A State Championship."

Jennifer Kennedy

Coral Gables

"Coach Alan Crate was my daughter Claire’s coach for two years beginning in the Fall of 2016. He joined the coaching staff at Westminster Christian as the distance coach. He immediately had an impact on the team. He addressed discipline, determination, diet and sleep as major components of his approach to youth coaching. He was even handed and managed the many personalities on the team with grace and deep understanding. Coach Crate helped my daughter gain a greater understanding of what it means to be on a team, what it means to compete, and what it means to earn the incremental triumphs of the sport. If I had the opportunity, I would consider myself lucky to have a coach of Alan Crate in my daughters’ corner. "


Editor's Note Jennifer's daughter Claire was only an 8th grader, but she was the lead off runner for Westminster Christian's regional champion 800 meter relay team.  She was also a double medalist at the State High School meet placing 4th in the 3200 & 8th in the 1600.

Beth Parker

Boca Warrior Parent

Prior to joining The Warriors, my son was not interested in any sports program. He was struggling in school, he had trouble focusing and concentrating, he didn’t drink enough fluids, didn’t eat well...and the list goes on. Being a part of this team under the instruction of Coach Crate has turned everything around. My son made honor roll this quarter, is able to focus in school, eats well, drinks fluids, and absolutely loves track to the point of getting up early on Saturday mornings to do hill reps, running at the park in the rain...whatever the day brings he just wants to run.As for me, I have found friendships within this group as well. This team is a true family. We support one another, we help one another with rides to practice and meets, and we keep an eye on all the kids whether they are ours or not. This team is a family and a blessing in our lives.

Geliya Rivera-Sears

John Carroll Catholic High School

Coach Crate was my track and cross country coach during elementary school and my first year of middle school. In 6th grade, I was a high school state qualifier in the 200m and was honored as the Palm Beach Post and Sun Sentinel all Palm Beach county 1st team 200m sprinter. I appreciate Coach Crate, for all the hard work he put me through and the achievements he helped me accomplished.

Emily Smith

Boca Raton Christian School

Coach Crate was my coach during my freshman year of high school when I ran track and field. I learned a lot from coach that I was able to apply on the track and soccer field. He did not just help me become a better runner, but he helped me become a better athlete. Under his direction I was able to go to states as a freshman in both the 800 and 4x8. I was named first team all county by the palm beach post and sun sentinel. I am grateful for the experience I had under his leadership and confident in his abilities to continue to help others pursue their own aspirations as he did mine.

Billy & Cindy Craven

Boca Warrior Parents

Coach Crate has coached our daughter SJ since summer of 3rd grade when she attended his triathlon summer camp. His superior coaching skills, dedication and encouragement sparked a love of running in her. Plus, he makes it fun! After spending all day running, biking and swimming in the summer heat, we thought she would be complaining. Instead, she just couldn't wait to get back to camp the next day. SJ is in middle school now and recently competed in her first youth triathlon. Coach Crate is continuing to help her meet her sports goals through proper nutrition and smart training that works. We highly recommend Coach Crate. If you follow his plan, you will succeed. By the way , he also taught our son Will how to do the long jump and triple jump in high school and Will made all Palm Beach County First Team and was a state medalist in the long jump. Will even had several colleges interested in recruiting him to their track and field teams although he chose to play football. Many thanks to Coach Crate for all he has meant to our family!

Collin Gray

Class of 2015
Boca Raton Christian School

Coach Crate has an unbelievable ability to recognize potential in young athletes and help put them in the best position to maximize their ability. Coach Crate recognized that I would be a good fit for the High Jump just from watching a few minutes of a basketball practice. When Coach Crate first approached me about trying High Jump I did not even know that it was an event in Track & Field. Little did I know that Track and Field would allow me to compete in College Sports, travel around the country, and even compete alongside Olympic medalists at Track meets like the Drake Relays. None of these awesome experiences I have had would have been possible without Coach Crate introducing me to the sport of Track and Field and having the patience and knowledge to give to me a solid foundation. Coach Create gave me the gift of Track and Field which has played a large role in my life and for that I will be forever grateful!

Coach's Note:  

Collin Grey was undefeated in his first and only season of high school track and field, he jumped 1" higher (6'5") than any other competitor in 1-A in the State. He went one to compete for Wheaton College and earned All American honors twice becoming the only former Boca Christian athlete to achieve All American status.  At only 6'-2" tall, Collin jumped to a 6'-10-1/2" personal best placing 5th in Nation at D3 track and field Nationals.

JPaul & Agnes

Boca Warrior Parents

Our daughter has been a part of Boca Warriors under Coach Crate's supervision. She was hesitant to join at first because she thinks that she can’t run that fast and far, but since day one, Coach Crate captured her interest in track and field. Since then, she never shied away from any opportunities to train and practice, and slowly but steadily started catching up. To be a part of a program that brings so much happiness, sense of sportsmanship and teamwork, importance of working hard and discipline, and introducing health awareness to young children, taught by such a dynamic, friendly, high-energy Coach, is a treasure. Coach Crate gives us the feeling of a family. In many clubs the function of parents seems to be reduced to paying and driving.  Interacting with the coaches and other parents seem to be frowned upon but in Boca Warriors it’s different. We have amazing parents who look after each other’s kids. Coach Crate makes sure that he involves the parents in the process. He sends messages to help kids and parents to better understand specific learning points and nutritional benefits of healthy foods. We are very pleased with what our daughter has learned.  Training with Coach Crate has clearly helped our daughter focus and see the field as her playground where she can fulfill some of her dreams. We can't thank Coach Crate enough for inspiring our daughter in so many ways.

Daniela Galbis

Westminster Christian Parent

Coach Crate was my daughter Isabella’s coach for almost 2 years. He helped her discover her passion for running and instilled in her the will to compete. He guided her in discovering her inner strength and was diligent in the art of preparation and training. Anyone who has had the privilege of crossing paths with Coach Crate would agree that his knowledge of the sport and his love and dedication towards his athletes is the perfect formula for success.

Ryan Rhoden

Class of 2016
Boca Raton Christian School

Coach Crate took me from an average football player with average speed and taught me how to run with correct form. I went from never running races or believing I could be fast and turned me into not only the fastest player on my teams but also the fastest in my region. My times steadily decreased until I was able to become a 100m regional champion and state finalist in the 100m and 200m dash. Not only did I improve on the track but I also was able to see my training translate to the football field and basketball court. Before training with Coach Crate I was an above average player with few opportunities to play college football but after I was sought after my several Division 1 universities to play football. Coach Crate taught me many things about becoming a better athlete that have helped me tremendously throughout my career including how to prepare and recover correctly. I owe much of my success to the coaching and skills I learned through my time running for Coach Crate.

Isabella Galbis

Westminster Christian School

When I started running, I did it for the simple reason that my parents forced me to do a sport. The only team left was track and field. My first track coach was Coach Crate. Earlier in the year I was part of the cross country team running incredibly slow times and not fully understanding or enjoying the sport. Getting to know Coach Crate really kicked off my passion for the sport. Within weeks my times got faster and my love for the sport increased. He was loving, compassionate, and patient. He was always understanding and willing to help and encourage me. Coach Crate provided tough love that has encouraged and shaped me into the runner I am today. I am currently entering my freshman year and although he has not been my coach for the past year I still keep in contact with Coach Crate for advice. He always receives me with open arms. Coach Crate continues to check up on my times, workouts, progress and injuries. I definitely owe all my success and progress to his amazing dedication and commitment to training his athletes. One thing Coach Crate has taught me is to not fear pain. You overcome pain, pain does not overcome you. I carry this with me as I continue to run. “A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory”. I am incredibly grateful to have Coach Crate in my life and he is a blessing to have as a coach.

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