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🔥2024 Warriors' Feb & March Races In Review

Over the past 2 months, our Boca Warrior track & field team has been busy training hard, competing across many events, and working towards their individual and team goals.

Track & Field is not for the faint of heart, and these athletes have proven themselves to be strong in mind, as well as body over these past 8 weeks.


2/10 Flying L MS & HS race

The Middle Schoolers started their season at the Flying L Distance Carnival in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was a great event and a fantastic start to the season by all who ran that day!

Middle School

In the Middle School Girls' 3200m,  7th grader Barbarita Jedlicka took 1st place. Barbarita beat all of the HS girls as well, and crushed the qualifying standard (12:54) to make Middle School States by 38 seconds, with a time of 12:16.

MS Girls 800m, Makaela Morilla placed 1st.

MS Girls 1600m, Hanna Dohler placed 1st.

Our MS Girls 4x8 relay team of Barbarita, Adriana, Hanna & Makaela took 1st place. The girls beat the qualifying standard (11:15) for MS States by 29 seconds running it in 10:46.

Three of our girls, all beginners, plucked up the courage to race the 800 meters. 6th grader Layla Kaniki, 7th grader Brooklyn Russell & 9th grader Alex Margolis.

MS Girls qualified for MS States on their 1st run of the year! Hunter & Scotty gearing up for the season.

High School

We also had 2 of our high school athletes participate in the race. In the High School Boys' 3200m, Hunter Morgan came in 1st, and Scott Sanok took 4th.

get the results


2/24 - Speed Capitol Palm Beach 2024

Congratulations go to all the medal winners at Speed Capital. This was massive event, with over 70 teams participating. This was a high-quality event, and was a chance for our runners and throwers to compete against some very good competition.

  • Mark Barba (5th gr.) 2nd 3000m, with a new PR 11:42, and 3rd in the 1500m.

  • Ana Lucia Barba (4th gr) 3rd 1500m, 1st 3000m with a new PR 12:09 (just 9 seconds off the State Meet qualifying time for middle school athletes!)

  • Hannah Dohler, 1st place, 1500m

  • Arielle Gorlovetzky (3rd gr.), 1st 1500m, with a new PR 5:27. (this is just 2.5 seconds off the qualifying time for middle schoolers & is considered a National elite time for 3rd graders!)

  • Brody Milek (1st gr.) won the 7 year old 1500 in with a time of 6:29.

  • Adriana Perrette, 1st place in the 1500m.

  • Mason Polonia (6th gr.) 1st 1500m, with a new PR 4:59, and 1st in the 3000m, and met the qualifying time for MS States! Mason joins the other previously qualified Middle School State Championship qualifiers: Barbarita (7th gr) 3k, 4 x 8 relay, Makaela (7th gr) 800, 4 x 8 relay, Adriana (6th gr) & Hannah (7th gr) (4 x 8 relay).

  • Gabriel Hirakuri Lehmkuhl (2nd gr.) 3rd 1500m, new PR 6:23

  • Katerina Skutnik (3rd gr.) 1500m, 2nd place.

  • Landon Swartz (7th gr.) 3rd 400m, with a new PR 1:02

see results here


3/9 Miami Elite Invitational

  • Mason: 1st in the 3000m with a new PR 10:32.08, and 2nd in the 1500m

  • Landon: 1st place in the 800m

  • Adriana: 1st in the 1500m, and 3rd in the 800m

  • Ana Lucia: 1st in the 3000, and 1st in the 1500m

  • Barbarita: 1st in the 1500m & met the qualifying standard for MS States. 1st in the 800m

  • Faith: 1st in the 800m, with a new PR, and 2nd in the 400m

  • Hannah: 3rd in the 800m

.... and congratulations to Adriana, Faith, Hannah & Barbarita for winning the 4x4 Relay & qualifying for MS States.


3/9 Pompano Xpress Track Club Annual Xtravaganza Invitational

Gabriel: 3rd place, 800 meters

Samuel: 1st place 800 meters

Diane: 2nd 1500 meters, 2nd javelin

Brayden: 2nd 1500 meters

Norah: 1st 1500. 2nd 800 meters


3/15 Set Goals Not Limits Distance Showcase 2024

photo credits: images 2 & 3 milesplit

Shout out to Arielle Gorlovetzky. Arielle ran the 3200m at Satellite High School. The time standard required to qualify for MS States is 12:54. Arielle ran it in 12:27. She is only in the 3rd grade.

Maekala ran really well against high school competition and placed 4th in the 800m

see full results here:


3/16 Coach Johnny Invitational

live results can be seen here:

3/30 Timespann Middle School Invitational 2024

As we end the month of March, the team is getting ready for the home stretch before the FLYRA Middle School States.

We had a good number of athletes better their previous qualifying times, and some achieved qualifying times for States at IMG.

  • In the 3000m Barbarita & Adriana ran State qualifying times (12:00) of 11:28 & 11:49 respectively.

  • In the 1500m, Barbarita ran a 5:19 new PR, also beating the qualifying standard for States (5:24)

  • In the 800 Makaela ran a season best 2:26, now 8 seconds under the qualifying standard (2:34).

  • Faith & Hannah both ran to new PR's in 2:37 in the 800m.

  • Landon Swartz achieved a new PR of 2:22 in the 800m.

  • In the 3000m Erik Moss ran a 10:26 PR & easily beat the State qualifying time of 10:45.

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