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🏆Championship Weekend @ Bethany 2024

The Boca Warrior Elementary squad came into the 2024 Bethany Christian Elementary Season Championship firing on all cylinders. There were a lot of personal bests, and memories to last a lifetime.

The 2nd-3rd grade girls capped off their dominant month-long Bethany series with a 1st place team trophy, and the 4th-5th grade girls powered past 10 other teams to take 2nd overall.

Our team is full of champions, whether they medaled or not. All gave their best effort, and cheered each other on as only a Warrior can. See the full results here. 2/10/2024.

The Bethany Championship was the final event of a month-long track & field series at Carter Park in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Our athletes consistently showed up to practices weeks and days before the championship event, trained hard, and all their dedication paid off with outstanding team and individual performances.


Team Awards & Placements

2nd-3rd grade girls 🏆

Arielle Gorlovetzky, Norah Kraev, Katerina Skutnik, & Mila Valderrama. With only 4 girls, this group scored 83 points winning the 1st place trophy out of 10 teams.

4th-5th grade girls 🥈

Olivia Aaronson, Ana Lucia Barba, Emily Cooper, Diane Fiederer, Hayden Frey & Faith Gladstone, scored 83 points, placing 2nd out of 12 teams.

2nd-3rd grade boys

Our one man team, Gabe Hirakuri Lehmkuhl, scored 16 points placing 7th out of 12 teams.

4th-5th grade boys

Mark Barba, Martin Siggul, Oliver Valderrama & Brayden Milek scored 30 points & were 5th out of 12 teams.

Warriors showing off some swag. "hard work pays off" - Coach Crate


Individual Girls' Medal Winners

Ana Lucia Barba

1st place, 1500m (4th graders). Ana Lucia's time of 5:32 is the fastest any girl has ever run in the 12 year history of this race series.

Hayden Frey 2nd place (out 28 girls) Long Jump (4th graders)

2nd place, 1500m (4th graders). Hayden's time of 5:38.21 was the 2nd fastest 1500 all time. 2nd place, 800m (4th graders)

Faith Gladstone 1st place, 800m (5th graders) 1st place, 400m (5th graders) 2nd place, 200m (5th graders). Faith's 1:07 400 time is the fastest time ever in the 12 year series.

Arielle Gorlovetzky

1st place 1500m (3rd graders). Arielle's 1500m time of 5:38.6 is a meet record for 2nd-3rd girls & the 3rd fastest meet time ever after Ana Lucia & Hayden.

1st place 800m (3rd graders)

1st place 100m (3rd graders)

Norah Kraev

1st place, 400m (3rd graders)

Katerina Skutnik

2nd place, 1500m (3rd graders)

2nd place, 800m (3rd graders)

Mila Valderrama

3rd place, 1500m (3rd graders)

3rd place, 800m (3rd graders)

Several girls placed 4th in events just out of the medals, but scored lots of team points:

  • Emily Cooper, 4th place out of 17 Javelin.

  • Ana Lucia Barba, 4th place 800m.

  • Norah Kraev, 4th place 1500m, 4th place 800m.

  • Katerina Skutnik, 4th place out of 24, Long Jump.


Individual Boys' Medal Winners

Mark Barba

3rd place, 1500m (5th graders)

3rd place, 800m (5th graders)

Gabriel Hirakuri Lehmkuhl

3rd place, 800m (2nd graders)

Gabriel also scored a lot of team points placing 4th in the 1500m & Discus.


Martin Siggul

3rd place, Discus (4th graders)

see the full results here. 2/10/2024.

Our track & field stars getting it done!

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