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Boca Warriors on Fire 🔥 @ Spanish River Invitational

The Boca Warriors Squad put on another strong performance this past weekend at The 40th Annual Spanish River Invitational.

[ quick note: thanks to all the parents who took the time to take some great pictures and videos, not only of their own kids, but others too ... these make a big difference in sharing these memories and accomplishments with our friends and family of the great work all our kids do ]

Girls Middle School Team

The Girls' Middle School Team took 1st Place overall. 🥇

The girls were led by Emily Pymm's 1st Place individual finish for the Middle School Girls' 3K race, with a crushing time of 11:28.85.

Emily taking 1st overall

The Girls proudly showing their well-earned 1st Place Team Trophy with Coach Crate

On the Podium

4 of our girls made the top 10 on the podium:

  • Emily Pymm: 1st,

  • Gianna Gallego: 5th,

  • Vicki Zea: 8th

  • Makaela Morilla: 9th

All of our girls finished in the top 50% of all runners - this is a pretty big team accomplishment.

  • Lily Sierra, 7th gr, 20tb

  • Gabi Jaramillo, 5th gr. 22nd.

  • Ellie Morgan 24th.

  • Barbarita Jedlicka, 27th

  • Adriana Perrette, 5th gr., 34th

  • Hayden Frey 3rd gr., 38th

  • Lucy Barba, 3rd gr., 39th

  • Faith Gladstone, 4th gr., 54th

  • Margo Macey, 2nd gr. 60th.

  • Orisa Daniel-Kalio, 4th gr. 61st.

  • Kate Baugh, 74th.

  • Valentina Giraldo, 5th gr., 83rd.

  • Lilly Torrelio, 96th.

some of the ladies

Middle School Boys

We didn't have any Middle School boys on the podium -- but we had great performances from what was essentially an Elementary Team, with only one 7th grader, Erik Moss, and one 6th grader, Sebastian Morales.

Our mostly Elementary team still placed 6th out of 20 Middle School Teams. This is really an incredible accomplishment by this relatively young team against some pretty talented and experienced teams. Proud of these boys!

The order of finish for our top boys out of 281 runners:

  • Erik Moss 17th

  • Mason Polonia 5th grader, 36th

  • Mark Barba 4th gr, 39th

  • Dylan Vining 5th gr, 44th

  • Christian Delprado, 5th gr, 69th

  • Sebastian Morales, 98th

  • Liam Sierra, 4th gr. 110th

  • Toby Morales 3rd gr., 117th

  • David Martin, 4th gr. 198th

  • Michael Morilla , 5th gr. 205th.

Some of the guys

Elementary Team

This race didn't have a specific elementary event. However, our Girls' Elementary Team looks more and more like a State Champion Team as they contributed to the success of the Middle School team.


In the Boys' 1A High School Varsity 5K Race, we had 3 Boca Warrior Alumni running for their high school teams, representing the Warriors well !

Junior Hunter Morgan took 1st place with a new PR of 16:27:68.

Freshman Scott Sanok took 6th place with a new PR of 17:55:29 - smashing his previous time by 1 minute 15 seconds. ---- Scott also just missed the award for Best Young Runner by 1 spot.

Freshman Gio Garcia took 9th place, with a new PR of 18:09:62 - besting his previous best time by 20 seconds.

Hunter, Gio & Scott

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