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🥇Warriors Stepped up BIG @ FLYRA States 2023

Thank you to all of the parents & athletes who participated at the elementary and middle school levels of the 2023 FLYRA Middle School State Track & Field Championship.

Many of our kids improved dramatically! Great competition often brings out the best in steely competitors. The kids stayed the course throughout the season and practices, and developed the processes & the habits it takes to excel

... and it showed at States!

See the complete run down of how our Warriors did at FLYRA.

[photo credit: milesplit]


We had some really great performances by our athletes, with many achieving new personal records, some getting a top 8 podium placement, and pushing themselves to be the best they can be.


Makaela podiumed, placing 4th, in the 800m, with a blistering and personal best time of 2:23.95!


5th grader Adriana placed 5th overall & obtained a new PR of 5:31:62 in the 1500m.

Adriana also placed 8th in the 800m, with a new PR 2:44:54.

3rd grader Hayden placed 9th in the 1500m, with a time of 5:45:39.

Hayden also ran a new 800m PR of 2:49:75, and placed 12th overall.

Valentina ran a new PR in the 800m, 2:53:65, and placed 15th overall.

Noelle bested her PR by 13 seconds in the 1500m, with a time of 5:10.48. Great job!

Congrats to the boys 1500m Squad. We had four boys place in the top 10!

  • Mason @ 6th place: 5:08:03

  • Christian @ 7th place: 5:08:84

  • Banks @ 9th: 5:09:79

  • Dylan @ 10th: 5:10:29

... & all of four of these guys achieved new PRs. Also, Oliver got a new PR in the 1500m @ 6:00:03. Great job guys!

Christian also ran an 11 second PR in the elementary 800m @ 2:33:94, making the podium in 7th place.

Team Photos

by our parents and fans

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