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Underdog Boca Warrior Boys Grab 2nd Place @ FLYRA 2021 Florida MS States !

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The Boca Warrior Middle School Boys' Team took home 2nd place in the Club Division and finished 4th overall in the State across all 4 Middle School State Divisions (private, public, charter & club), with a team time average of 10:54.

(To put this in context, there are 150+ boys teams in Florida, of which 67 made it to States, and our guys took 4th overall)

VIDEO: Boys' FLYRA MS Boys' Public & Club Championship Race

Click here to Open in YouTube

The guys accepting their team trophy

Considered underdogs to medal as a team, the guys all performed PRs (personal records), and worked as a team in order to seize the opportunity to take home a team trophy.

Each one of these guy's performance was absolutely critical to achieving this team accomplishment.

Great job guys !!

It's all fun and games until, ... well, it's still fun and games, ... but with an edge


The Boys' Medal Winners (top 20) include:

Scott Sanok: 10:30:61 -- 9th Place

Will Moss: 10:46:68 -- 12th Place

Samuel Vergara: 10:49:24 -- 14th Place

Erik Moss: 11:00:71 -- 20th Place

Scott, Will, Sam & Erik

New PRs:

Scott Sanok: 10:30:61 (previous: 10:56:60)

Will Moss: 10:46:68 (previous 11:02:50)

Samuel Vergara: 10:49:24 (previous 11:15.21)

Erik Moss: 11:00:71 (previous 11:10.90)

Giovanni Garcia: 11:24.56 (previous 14:20.40) - this is Giovanni's first Championship experience ! Gio's placement was important to the Boys team's 2nd place finish as our team's 5th placed runner.

Santiago Lecuna: 11:51.75 (previous 12:28.07) - this is Santiago's first Championship experience and his effort was also critical to the team's placement!

Deep & Strong Bench

Jeremy Lopez ran a solid 12:27.39 to be sure the team finished 2nd in Club and 4th overall! Great job Jeremy!

In other examples of just how strong our Boys' Team is, in the Open Division, Justin Xia ran a new PR of 12:52.89 (previous 15:02:41) and Sebastian Lecuna a new PR of 12:54.45 (previous 13:32.04) in his first Championship level race.

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