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The Future is Now! The Boca Warriors' Elementary Teams Bring It On !

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Margo & Sammy both placed 3rd in their respective divisions

Our Elementary Teams put the future on notice that they will need to be contended with next year with strong, powerful individual and team peformances.

Most of these athletes competed in their first ever XC Championship event. Their calm, cool and collected performances, at such a young age, speaks volumes to their character and training. Way to go!

Coach Crate getting the athletes ready

Elementary 2K (3rd - 5th Grade)

The Girls' 2K squad was powered by Gabriela Jaramillo, Kate Baugh, Layla Tuttle, Claudia Tuttle, Stella Macey, Amaia Mendez-Morales, and Faith Gladstone. All of these ladies ran amazing races, showing what hard work and determination can do.

Mario Barreto, Christian Bonhomme, Mason Polonia and Samuel Taylor all brought their "A-Game" to the Boys' 2K race, running strong and running determined.

Elementary 1K (K - 2nd Grade)

Congrats to 1st grader Margo Macey & 2nd grader Sammy Lopez for each finishing 3rd place in the K-2nd 1K race on Friday.

Way to go Margo! Way to go Sammy!

The Boca Warrior Future is now, and it is bright!

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