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Boca Warriors Light it Up at the Friday Night Holloway Park Jamboree 2021

The Boca Warriors had another strong showing for the 2021 XC Season.

Despite some really heavy rain, making a tough course even tougher, these Warriors did us proud:

[quick note first: Congratulations to all of the kids that raced yesterday. At least 4 ran their first ever XC Race. These new runners should all be extremely proud of themselves. XC is a tough sport, mentally and physically, and it shows great character to consistently show up to practice, eat and sleep right and to be determined to do their best. ]

Congrats to the Middle School Girl's team for placing 1st out of 15 teams. Congrats to Alex Palekar who won her 2nd consecutive race and to the other podium finishers Gianna 3rd, Ellie 6th, Lily 9th, Vicki 10th, and Isabella 15th out of 198.

With only 5 boys on the team the Elementary Boy's placed 1st of 5 teams. Podium finishes by Sebastian Morales 3rd, Mario Barreto 7th, Toby 10th, out of 50 runners.

Congrats to the Middle School Boy's team who placed 5th out of 19 teams despite being without 2 of their top members. Congrats to the podium finishers Scott Sanok & Will Moss (5th & 10th, respectively) out of 203.

Thank you parents for participating. It's a big commitment you make to get the kids to out of town meets. Your commitment to helping your child be the best they can be is critical to their future.

See the full results here.

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