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Boca Warriors' Elementary Team Opens the 2022 XC Season STRONG !

The Boca Warriors Elementary Squad opened the 2022 Cross Country Season with a dynamic statement Saturday, August 27th at the 14th Annual Jim Ryun Invitational in Lakeland, FL.

The man in yellow behind the 1st Place Girls' Team and facing the camera is a legend. Jim Ryun is the first High School boy in the world to break the 4 minute mile barrier & the Silver Medalist in the 1968 Olympic games, Mexico City , 1500 meters. ESPN named Ryun the #1 high school athlete of all time, beating out the likes of Tiger Woods and LeBron James. Jim always gives a powerful and very motivational speech before every division's race; taking the time to encourage all the runners to give their best effort and to grow and learn from that day's running experience.

Girls Show Up Big

The Boca Warriors Elementary Girl's Team absolutely dominated their division.

The perfect score in cross country is a 15. These elementary girls came close, scoring 21 points. The 2nd place team scored 57.

4 of the Top 8

Medals are awarded to the top 8 finishers. Our girls took 4 of the top 8 spots, led by our veteran elementary girl, Gabriela Jaramillo.

Here are our medalists

Gabriela Jaramillo - 3rd overall

Adriana Perette - 4th overall

Hayden Frey - 6th overall

Ana Lucia Barba - 7th overall

Team effort

Faith Gladstone rounded out the team scoring as our Team's 5th scorer and 10th overall. Valentina Giraldo just missed the top 10, with an 11th place finish and our new runner Arielle Gorelovetzky was 29th, out of 51 competitors.

The girls' strong start puts them in a great position to medal and contend for the top spot at the Middle School State meet in 8 weeks. Congrats girls, what a performance!

here are the girls receiving their 1st Place Award


The Boys are Back in Town

The Boys' Elementary team was incomplete, with only 4 boys running Saturday. However, 3 of them finished on the podium in the top 8.

Here are our Boys' Medalists

Mason Polonia - 2nd overall

Mark Barba - 4th overall

Christian Delprato - 8th overall

With a couple more solid boys running, the guys have a good chance to contend for the State Title in 8 weeks. Great job boys!

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