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Boca Warrior Spotlight: Boys

As we wrap up the 2022 Track & Field Regular Season, and head into States and then Junior Olympics, we wanted to share a few of our boy athlete's most memorable moments and accomplishments, such as getting new PRs (personal records).

(in alphabetical order)


Giovanni Garcia

Giovanni achieved PRs 1500 4:57, 800m 2:22, 3000 10:35 in the 14 year-old age group

One of the things he is proud of was making States for three events 3000m, Javelin, and the 4x800.

The most memorable part of this track season was an early morning 3000m race where he paced with his teammates.


Santiago Lecuna

The 10 months that I have spent practicing in the team, I have been getting better and better and competing with myself.

I have been trying my best to keep advancing as an athlete and to have better racing performance, I know that I will be able to get better in the future and I will work towards that.

This year I got a PR in the 1500 meters of 5:16 for the 13-14 age group, which is one of my biggest accomplishments, my favorite memory is when I started doing races because I felt the thrill of it and had fun with friends. I am grateful for the experience and I won't forget it


Michael Morilla

I got a personal record in the 100 meter dash with 15.5 seconds.

One thing I improved when I joined Boca Warriors was my starts for races.

I was most proud of learning about other people so I know more about this awesome group.

Way to go Michael !!


Will Moss

Will had a great season, accomplishing his goals of getting new PRs in the 3000 and 800 meters.

3,000 meters PR: 10:28

800 meters PR: 2:15

I am most proud of my 800 PR because I worked hard for it.

My Biggest accomplishment was probably running an 800 in 2:15.

My most memorable moment was the 4x8 because we felt like a family.


Kimani Ndongo

Kimani is most proud of how much better his running endurance has gotten since he joined Boca Warriors last summer in 2021.

He says he can run much faster for a longer period of time and has noticed that he doesn’t run out of energy as quickly as he used to anymore when running the 400m.

His biggest accomplishment is getting a PR of 14:00 seconds in the 100m (age 11-12) at the Delray Track Club invitational on April 30, 2022.


Kingston Pili

Kingston ran in the 13 year-old age group, getting a new PR in the 100 meter dash.

PR 11.20 seconds in the 100m.

Kingston has sprinting in his blood, but recently he committed to giving it a real chance after Basketball and Football season ended.

We are extremely proud of His achievements so far, we also believe he will get better, his effort, his work ethic, his dedication and his drive to constant improvement is amazing to watch at such a young age. 🙏🏾♥️


Scott Sanok

Scott's favorite memory is breaking the 5 minute mile mark. His 4:36:39 converts to a 4:58:47 one-mile time.

Scott met his goals of qualifying for States in the 3000, 1500 and 800. He's also really thrilled to be part of the Team 4x800 relay, a first for the Boca Warrior team.

Scott has really enjoyed training with his teammates and knows that pushing each other has been a big factor to his success this year.


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